Retained Services

Stay Focused with Outsourced Expertise

Retained services provides both expert consultation as well as capacity for peak times.

Client Success Services

With two options available, a single technical resource as a virtual administrator, or a full team of technical and business specialists as managed services, retained services is here to meet your short- and long-term needs.

Virtual Administration

Is your team stretched too thin? Are you struggling to balance day-to-day operations with strategic priorities? Do you wish you just had more time in the day or more hands to do the work?

Virtual administration services provide an experienced power user to augment your in-house staff for a set number of hours per month. An extension of your own team, your dedicated Virtual Administrator can execute a variety of tasks at your direction, such as member records management, dues processing, query and report creation, and online content management. Your NetForum team member can help answer “how to” product questions, assist with training, make system updates, and share knowledge about your specific setup – all to ensure you get the most from your solution.

Virtual Administration Services Delivers.

  • An extension of your in-house team. A product specialist will work on day-to-day tasks within NetForum, gain an understanding of your unique business processes, and learn your specific operating procedures, so you can focus on other priorities.
  • Access to power users and product experts. Continue to build your team’s skills with routine best practices, training, and insights from product experts to help ensure you’re using NetForum to its fullest.
  • Added capacity during peak times. Whether you require help during key busy months, need to bridge a gap in staffing due to a leave of absence or unexpected turnover, or provide extra hands on deck on an ongoing basis, virtual administration services can provide the extra bandwidth you need, when you need it.
  • A consistent single point of contact. Get your requests fulfilled with quick results and without having to orient a new person each time.

Managed Services

Sometimes your needs go beyond extra capacity and outsourced execution. For those needs, managed services provides a cross-functional team of business analysts and strategists, developers, and quality assurance analysts, data experts, and product experts, and others; all available when you need them.

A trusted partner you can count on.

With a designated project manager serving as your consistent, single point of contact, you can be secure in knowing that you’ve got a team of experts focused on achieving your goals.

Drawing from a familiarity of your NetForum setup and your organization’s inner workings, managed services provides a trusted partnership you can rely on.

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What IT Directors are saying about NetForum

Running a query might have taken us eight hours, while our virtual administrator can accomplish the same task in an hour. And, our members benefit from a better member experience.

Jason Ludwig

Director of IT , Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB)