Members are on the move. Keep your data on the move with them.  

Your members and constituents are on the move, so keeping your data up-to-date can be a challenge. According to the U.S. Postal Service, undeliverable as addressed mail costs industry mailers $20 billion annually. And that’s just the USPS’s estimate for returning, destroying, or forwarding undeliverable mail.

Add on staff time, reprinting, and missed revenue opportunities, and one customer reported UAA mail costs as high as $25 per piece for just one key event mailing.

Consequently, an automated National Change of Address (NCOA) solution should be an essential part of your marketing and data-cleansing efforts.

With CorrectAddress©, you can be confident your member data is updated regularly and per NCOA standards. And, since CorrectAddress is integrated directly into NetForum, no exports and imports are needed to send to other vendors – we handle it all for you.

Learn more about how CorrectAddress© can work for your organization.

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CorrectAddress© At-a-Glance

• Have confidence in the accuracy of your address data
• Save time and money with regularly updated addresses
• Choose to run updates monthly or quarterly
• Integrated directly with NetForum
• Provided by a trusted, longterm partner

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