Credentialing Management Software for Associations

Certification and credentials aren’t just badges of honor that distinguish your members – they can help differentiate your organization, too. NetForum® credentialing management solution, powered by Agilutions, is an essential part of any certification program, enabling staff to streamline processes and empowering learners to have more visibility and participation into the process.

Drive revenue

Diversify your revenue stream and further engage members through credentialing and certification programs.

Increase efficiencies

Streamline and automate your certifications processes using a single database, creating a true, 360-degree view of members.

Improve retention

Boost your organizations member acquisition, engagement, and retention through easy renewal requirements, based on completion of the latest round of certification.

Empower members

Manage your credentialing program throughout each stage of your members’ career journey, from graduation to retirement.

Manage and automate certification and accreditation programs with NetForum’s credentialing engine:

  • Certification and exam fee tracking
  • Course and exam management
  • Continuing education management
  • Application eligibility
  • Exam registration
  • Maintenance
  • Recertification
  • Relinquishment
  • Revocation
  • Reinstatements

National Board for Certified Counselors, Inc. and Affiliates (NBCC) Automates Certification Process with NetForum Enterprise

With more than three decades of success certifying counselors, the leaders at NBCC were apprehensive about transitioning an entirely paper-based application process to an online process. At the same time, they knew technology would help them achieve much-needed efficiencies. 

In the first six months of launching, NBCC experienced a 19% increase in its application rates. 

Hours saved in administrative tasks


Increase in application rate

Professional hours tracked

Highly configurable association software with integrated modules that scale to your organization’s requirements and growing needs.

CRM Management



Accounting & Finance




Accounting & Finance

Exceed member expectations at every stage of the member journey.

Whether you’re customizing the online application workflow or automating requirements for renewal, NetForum has a solution to fit your needs, while providing data-driven results.

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