NetForum + YourMembership

Multi-Chapter Association Management Software

With your technology solutions working together, you can better serve your chapter leaders and members.

Grow and engage your chapters, local members and brand through connected solutions. 

Strengthen engagement and collaboration with a seamless, connected member experience.


Eliminate administrative and reporting burdens and create a better experience for your chapter leaders, members, and staff


Gain visibility into the health of chapters and use data insights to drive growth and build relationships

The National Society of Professional Engineers

The National Society of Professional Engineers utilizes NetForum Enterprise as their association management software. Twenty percent of NSOPE chapters utilize YourMembership for their all-in-one membership management system.

Together, the national association and chapters can utilize Community Brands suite of association products to connect their membership data and easily route financials to save staff time and make data-driven decisions at all levels of the organization.

Now, members can renew on either their state or the national website, and the information updates immediately in both systems. Members do not know they are being pushed between two systems. From our perspective, the integration saves staff time – at least 40 hours per month for the national staff alone.

Rhoda Chari

Senior Manager, Member Services and Database Administration , National Society of Professional Engineers

Powerful features that strengthen collaboration between national and chapters

Membership Management

Get a quick pulse on each chapter and their members with real-time member rosters and member engagement metrics.

Real-time Data and Reports

Gain insights into the health of your chapters so you can make strategic, data-driven decisions.

Branded Website Templates

Mobile-responsive website templates that empowers chapter growth and protects your brand.

Accounting and Payment Processing

Expedite payments to and/or from chapters with automated routing funds to multiple bank accounts through your payment processor.

Many-to-Many Help Desk

Create a community of chapter leaders that can support each other with a common, system-wide platform.

Workflow Automation

Keep your chapter leaders engaged and inspired with automated processes including data transfers and reports.

Email Marketing

Better understand your local members and target them with relevant messages and volunteer opportunities.

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