What’s Driving Member Loyalty?


NetForum Marketing Team

August 21, 2017

    Applicable insights and new perspectives to driving member retention

    Last year we released our first Member Engagement Study, where member attributes and perspectives were identified to help associations increase member engagement. Now that NetForum is part of the Community Brands family, our commitment to associations continues – as does our research!

    We recently surveyed more than 1,000 association members across the spectrum of age, preferences, and involvement to better understand how those characteristics influence retention. The new Member Loyalty Study provides applicable insights and new perspectives to driving member retention, classifying member loyalty, and targeting members with relative and effective content.

    Tailoring your content, identifying your organization’s loyalty segments, and reevaluating your value proposition are some of the tips we share to ensure your association remains strategic and proactive about member retention and engagement.

    We’ve got great resources for an even deeper dive into our study’s findings:

    To get an overview of additional insights:


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