Pandemic-proof technology for associations

Like most businesses these days, associations are facing many challenges. Dealing with the fallout of an era in which in-person events aren’t possible has put added burden on association staff as they cancel planned events and shift to virtual activities to keep members engaged.

At the same time, members are turning to their professional associations now more than ever. A recent Community Brands study on member engagement shows that half of members surveyed believe their organization is more important today than before the pandemic.

Community Brands has helped ease the load on associations through association management software (AMS) functionality and solutions that address common challenges. Here are some examples:

  • Zoom integration with NetForum Enterprise that pushes data between the two systems to streamline work related to virtual events.

  • Bulk event cancellation tool in NetForum Enterprise AMS developed to assist customers experiencing a need to cancel in-person events due to unforeseen circumstances. The tool reduces manual work by addressing event registration cancellations and creating credits for event cancellations in bulk. The tool also allows clients to refund those outstanding credits or allow them to remain on the account to be applied to another open invoice later.

Learn more about how AMS solutions can help your association tackle today’s challenges: Watch the on-demand webinar, Pandemic-Proof Technology for Associations, featuring Teri Carden, Founder of ReviewMyAMS, and Howard Pollock, VP of Enterprise Solutions with Community Brands. This Q&A-style webinar format addresses current challenges organizations are facing, and how NetForum Enterprise has helped customers navigate the “new normal” in trying times.

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