How do you create a customer experience that meets (or exceeds) today’s member expectations? Start with engagement scoring.

Don’t let a disappointing member experience turn your members away. Develop an engaging experience that rivals that of today’s leading companies, and your members will stick around.

If you aren’t thinking of your members as consumers, you should be. They’ve come to expect great experiences from companies like Amazon and Netflix, and they expect a similar engaging experience with your association.
Not convinced that your member engagement needs a boost? Consider this: Data from the Community Brands Member Engagement and Loyalty Study suggests there’s room for organizations to get members more involved.

The study takes a close look at what members want from their professional associations and what makes them stick around. It examines member loyalty data by three segments: high (“Super Members”), medium (“Rank and File”), and low (“Value Seekers”). Study data shows that even among Super Members, who are more likely to have participated in most of the association activities tested, less than half say they’ve participated in any single engagement opportunity.

NetForum’s A-Score Provides Great Customer Experience

You work hard to serve current members and attract new ones. The last thing you want is for them to walk away. But if you aren’t keeping them engaged, you just might lose them.

So how do you create a great member experience that lives up to your members’ rising standards? Start with engagement scoring to determine how engaged your members and prospective members are with your organization, and then take action to get them more involved.

Member engagement scoring is easier than you might think
Engagement scoring might sound complicated, but it’s well within reach for associations. NetForum association management software (AMS) includes proprietary A-Score technology that automatically measures the engagement level of your members – individuals and organizations – based on your organization’s unique requirements.
Using A-Score, you can easily determine the interactions most meaningful to your organization – such as renewals, donations, products purchased, events attended, committee and advocacy activity, and social behavior – and weight their value. A-Score then automatically scores member behavior on an ongoing basis to show you which individuals are most (and least) engaged. Then, most importantly, you have the insights you need to take action and get members more involved.

What you can do with A-Score
This type of qualitative insight allows you to calculate and measure the health of each member’s relationship with your organization. In turn, you can make smarter, faster decisions and take informed action when it comes to connecting with members.

Think of A-Score as a data-driven way to kickstart targeted engagement campaigns. It makes trends jump out so you can engage more effectively with specific groups of members.
For example, here are some ways you can use A-Score:

  • Identify members who have never donated and have high engagement scores. These are great donor prospects because they are clearly passionate about your organization. Target these members with a specific fundraising ask.
  • If you see a pattern of increasing engagement among a group of members, cultivate them for volunteer opportunities, speaking at an event, or serving on your board.
  • Identify your low-engagement member base and target them with a re-engagement campaign.

TIP: Use A-Score functionality with NetForum’s moves management functionality to automate and personalize communications to targeted groups of people based on their scoring patterns.

Simply put, A-Score helps you make more informed decisions about how to engage with your members. So, without a lot of manual work, you’re able to send the right message at the right time – rewarding engaged members and reconnecting with those less engaged.

Take the next step
Don’t let a disappointing member experience turn your members away. Develop an engaging customer experience that rivals that of leading for-profit companies, and your members will stick around for the long haul.

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