14 reasons associations love NetForum Cloud

NetForum has been meeting the needs of enterprise associations for nearly 20 years and offers unmatched out-of-the-box functionality,  limitless flexibility, and the most modern and future-proof enterprise architecture.

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end-toHere are fourteen reasons why associations turn to NetForum every day for their association management solution:

1) Functionality to meet your complex needs
NetForum includes more than 30 modules to provide functionality for even the most complex organizations. Modules include: 

2) The power of the Microsoft technology platform
NetForum is built on the Microsoft technology platform, giving you not only the leading functionality of the NetForum AMS product, but also the benefits of a proven technology platform, including:

  • Deep customizabilty options via the Microsoft .NET developer framework, which is used by an extensive network of millions of software developers worldwide
  • Proven security and reliability
  • A broad range of training and education options

3) Deep customization options
Large associations often have unique, complex processes and specific needs that can’t be addressed through software configuration alone. In this case, flexibility, scalability, and customization are major benefits of NetForum. With NetForum, the underlying Microsoft technology platform allows your developers to go all the way down to the .NET base code to tailor the system to your exact needs.  

4) Hosted on Microsoft Azure (the “enterprise cloud”)
The first cloud-based AMS, NetForum Cloud now takes advantage of the latest cutting-edge cloud capabilities through an overhaul of its foundational architecture. It’s been reimagined and rearchitected for Microsoft Azure Cloud Services to offer you all of the premium association management functionality that NetForum has delivered for years, plus the added value of Microsoft Azure (which is used by 95% of the Fortune 500). This next generation of NetForum Enterprise (called NetForum Cloud) offers the following benefits: 

  • Convenience – The NetForum team manages the environment, removing the burden of maintaining hardware and software updates.
  • Scalability – You can employ auto-scaling within Microsoft Azure’s infrastructure to scale servers up or down depending on organizational demand and computing needs.
  • Security and reliability – NetForum Cloud delivers state of the art security controls out of the box, as well as data backup and disaster recovery.
  • Enhanced integration capabilities – With NetForum Cloud, you can connect other cloud services and apps more easily and efficiently than ever.

5) Ease of use
Through a series of usability studies, including in-depth interviews with nearly 200 users, the NetForum team identified opportunities to optimize the product’s design. The result is an easy-to-use tool that even your non-technical staff can use confidently and efficiently

6) Convenience
NetForum is mobile-accessible, so your staff has complete access to their most important resources from wherever they may need to work – at a conference or meeting, in a remote office, from home, or even on their mobile device

7) Technical and customer support when you need it
The NetForum support team consists of experienced technical professionals who are ready to help. Customer support is available by phone, email, fax, and online via the NetForum Support web portal, where you can log requests, which are then given tracking numbers for easy reference

8) Self-service when you want it
When you want to help yourself, NetForum end-user documentation, including the entire user manual, is accessible online. In addition, you have access to technical and new release documentation as well as documentation for data structures, reporting tools, the developer’s toolkit, and content management system (CMS). This information is supplemented with customer comments and code samples. 

9) Robust user community
The NetForum Users’ Group is an active, independent group with about 700 members. The group facilitates communication among users of NetForum and provides a unified point of view in discussions with the NetForum team. The group focuses on solution sharing by pooling resources and information, and also promotes the long-term success of the product by providing support for the NetForum team through market research and product testing, among other initiatives

10) Hassle-free upgrades
The NetForum team believes it’s essential that an association’s software facilitates regular and routine upgrades. NetForum is upgradeable, which ensures you can maximize the potential and effectiveness of the solution. The standard upgrade process is available at no additional charge for hosted clients.

11) Easy process automation
NetForum allows you to simplify and streamline your day-to-day operations by automating common tasks using a graphical workflow builder. You can define the automation as a specific response to an activity, such as sending a welcome email, or bbuilding a combination of action items to create a complete set of actions, such as processing a product return.

12) Powerful member engagement scoring
NetForum’s proprietary A-Score™ technology measures the engagement of your members based on your organization’s unique needs. You can determine the interactions most meaningful to your organization, and then weight their value and analyze member history to see which individuals are most involved. This type of insight helps you make smarter, faster decisions when it comes to connecting with your members.

13) State of the art reporting and analytics 

NetForum provides 300 standard reports for visibility into the health of your organization. It also allows you to quickly modify standard reports without the need for IT help. And NetForum includes configurable dashboards for a quick view of key data. In just a few clicks, you can drill into a graph or chart to view the data behind it, and then drill down further to obtain a list.

In addition, Nucleus, the first data analytics solution developed specifically for associations, is now a Community Brands product that’s featured with NetForum Cloud. It works with NetForum to provide association staff, leadership, chapters, members, and boards with the insights they need to make more informed decisions, including: 

  • Data analytics using valuable member data in their NetForum system as well as all other member-facing systems.
  • First-class data visualizations via dashboards tailored for each functional area in the organization.
  • More comprehensive and more accurate engagement scoring and documentation of total member value.

14) Boundless integration potential 
NetForum employs open APIs to integrate with leading service and application providers to provide best-of-breed technologies for everything your organization needs – from social media and building an online community to online marketing, donor management, event planning, and more. Partners appreciate NetForum’s straightforward certification process and complete XML Integration Library, while clients appreciate the diversity of products and services available. 

NetForum is also part of Community Brands’ software suite for associations, including solutions for learning management, career center, events, fundraising, and fund accounting. The products work even better together to help your team operate efficiently and effectively, while driving membership growth, engagement, and revenue, as well as enhancing member value

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