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Top-rated member management software for larger associations

The extensive functionality (30+ modules) you expect in a premier Enterprise Association Management solution, now featuring Nucleus data analytics and rebuilt to be cloud native on Microsoft Azure

Membership management
Create and deliver value to members while building lifelong relationships with a unified view of members and their engagement.

  • Automate and manage the member journey from application to renewal.
  • Easily configure multi-tiered membership models, including individual and organizational memberships.
  • Structure membership dues with highly-configurable pricing rules based on membership-level or profile data for the individual member.
  • Personalize the member journey with our proprietary A-Score™ member engagement scoring tool configured to scoring that meets your association’s needs.
Member engagement scoring (A-Score)
NetForum’s powerful engagement scoring, or proprietary A-Score module offers advanced member scoring capabilities that enhance and personalize the member experience.

  • Personalize the member journey and enhance retention with our proprietary A-Score™ member engagement scoring tool
  • Configure scoring that meets your association’s needs
  • Drive incremental revenue through personalized re-engagement campaigns
  • Better understand your members and their interests with advanced engagement reporting
Fundraising Management
Generate more funds with robust features that handle every aspect of fundraising.

  • Streamline fundraising and automate processes and communications with one solution.
  • Ensure team members have access to the information they need to surface actionable insight.
  • Achieve a clear 360-degree view of campaigns, donors and fundraising events.
Donor & Fund Management
Strengthen donor relationships and generate more funds with robust features that handle every aspect of fundraising.

  • Simplify the lifecycle of prospects to life-time donors with relationship scoring and advanced gift processing.
  • Move your donors to the next giving level with proven moves management intelligence.
  • Discover new supporters and uncover potential in your existing donor base to further your mission.
  • Manage a 360-degree view of your donors, prospects and volunteers through data-rich profiles and reports.
Certification and Credentialing
Drive non-dues revenue and member engagement with certifications and credentialing.

  • Boost member retention with easy renewal requirements based on the latest round of certification.
  • Track credit history, including credits issued, test date, test type, score, result, rank and more.
  • Provide a 360-degree view to empower applicants to self-monitor requirements and progress.
  • Streamline the life cycle for members, creating customized workflows to handle the process from application to retirement.
Diversify your revenue stream by easily managing dues, event registrations, donations and store items.

  • Configure shipping methods based on what is being purchased, which warehouse, and where it is being shipped to
  • Calculate taxes for products based on the shipping address of an order and a customizable tax table
  • Establish various pricing structures based on demographic criteria or membership status.
Dashboards & Advanced Reporting
Gain visibility into the health of your organization by easily accessing membership data trends via standard or customer reports.

  • Track the complete membership lifecycle from non-member to retired member.
  • Modify standard reports without the need to go to IT by quickly using the query tool to quickly answer specific questions across multiple datasets.
  • Have report automatically sent to your inbox or your Executive Committee at predetermined intervals.
  • Quickly view renewal rates, lapsed members, new members, and more with customizable dashboards.
Accounting & Finance
Easily compile and analyze financial data to know exactly where your organization stands at any given moment.

  • Create and adjust pro-forma invoices for companies and individuals, apply discounts or late charges, and process payments.
  • Process returns, and reverse posted transactions back to credit cards or third-party payment systems.
  • Incrementally recognize deferred revenues according to user-defined schedules.
  • Maintain tax tables and handle multi-currency transactions.
  • Integrate your financial data directly with the correct accounts in a third-party accounting package and communicate seamlessly with other financial software.
Events & Exhibit Management
Drive attendee engagement, delight exhibitors, and boost revenue with easy-to-manage, can’t miss events.

  • Create, manage, and track event details such as multiple registration types, early bird, promotional or complimentary pricing and a-la-carte registration.
  • Define trade show locations and dates, and seamlessly associate the exhibit to an event in your Event Management module.
  • Track booth purchases, move exhibitors between booths, and easily create unique pricing structures, as well as special fees for sponsored activities and special events.
  • Bill exhibitors based on milestone installment dates, and track cash receipts in your centralized accounts receivable system.
Process Automation Dashboard
Process Automation

Simplify and streamline your day-to-day operations with automated workflows so your time can go towards more member-centric activities.

  • Build efficient processes through a graphical workflow builder.
  • Create intelligent forms with conditional logic for higher response rates.
  • Control your form design, field labels and controls, and creation of dashboards and widgets.
Customer Relationship Management
Gain a unified view of member, prospect and donor data, engagement, and transactions.

  • See a complete picture of any record in your database with easy-to-use, data-rich 360° profile view.
  • Create parent/child account relationships, giving parent accounts the ability to manage contact information and membership status for their child accounts.
  • Track interactions and correspondence with and between constituents.
  • Automatically document constituent questions and forward to the appropriate staff member.
Committees & Chapters
Build active communities of committee members and easily keep up with what’s going on at all levels.

  • Manage and track committees, sub-committees and task forces and their relationship to parent committee.
  • Track individual committee member participation, and the history of previous committee members along with the dates they served.
  • Publish and distribute committee minutes and documents.
Manage your sales process and pipeline with total visibility and generate more revenue.

  • Review activity and assignments by sales person, and coordinate contacts and follow-ups to avoid duplicating efforts.
  • Set up your formal sales process and attach a win probability to each stage.
  • View a variety of pipeline reports to easily assess projected revenues.
Awards and Abstracts
Efficiently manage your association’s awards and abstract submissions with custom workflows for the submission, review and acceptance process.

  • Manage each applicant, from entry submission through the judging process.
  • Track the various stages of judging, calculate scores for each phase and easily determine final award recipients.
  • Manage requests for abstracts or papers, including online submissions.
  • Standardize forms and set requirements for abstract submissions – ensuring complete, accurate entries.
Job Board

Increase revenue and boost member enrollment with an integrated job board.

  • Create a non-dues revenue stream with a fully-integrated job board.
  • Provide member and nonmembers additional value through career resources and job opportunities
  • Use your job board as a member acquisition tool by tracking and marketing to non-member job seekers.
  • Non-member job seeker information is synced to contact records in NetForum for personalized marketing.
  • Member job seeker information is also captured! Get a 360-degree view of a member’s career center activity.

Additional features of NetForum include:

At NetForum, we understand the value of having trusted resources and tools to help you move your organization forward. We bring our industry expertise to curating and developing the resources associations need for deeper insights and strategic operations. NetForum can assist with a variety of additional features and is also an excellent source for industry tools, resource guides and client membership management tips. Let us work alongside you to help you boost member engagement, improve financial health and grow as an organization.

We carefully follow the trends, innovations and requirements of the industry and deliver content that educates, guides and informs. We’re committed to offering quality content that will keep you up to date on association developments, expose you to emerging technologies for your industry and offer guidelines for creating new strategies and pursuing organizational growth. We have a variety of resources available on our site, from industry-specific webinar resources to comprehensive guides to informative briefings. 

As a leader, you navigate complex situations and demanding association member management responsibilities every day. To help you more efficiently handle these requirements, we also provide many tools and features specialized for your industry. Our goal is to equip you for successful organization management in diverse areas across your association by providing resources such as:

  • Accreditation
  • Advertising
  • Case management
  • Conflict of interest
  • Certification management/ continuing education
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Job board
  • Developer toolkit
  • Discussion groups
  • E-Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Moves management
  • My transactions
  • Profile management
  • Subscriptions
  • Time and billing management

How Has Our AMS Improved Efficiency?

What senior leaders are saying about NetForum

What used to take weeks each month now takes less than an hour to complete.
Rhoda Chari

Senior Manager, Member Services and Database Administration, National Society of Professional Engineers

Discover How Netforum Can Advance Your Mission

AMS software offers a variety of operational and financial benefits to optimize your association’s systems and make member engagement easier. Delivering an all-in-one solution for your association database management systems, AMS lets you handle different applications and integrations from one central system. Some of the ways it can improve your association’s efficiency include:

  • Optimized automation: With AMS software, you can automate a variety of time-intensive procedures that were once manual, significantly increasing your operation’s productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased accuracy: Automated processes minimize human error and ensure clean data across the organization’s association management database.
  • Advanced analytics: AMS offers access to in-depth reports and analytics on financial health, membership data and other information essential to your operations.
  • Improved data integrity: With one system to handle various integrations and applications, you can ensure a higher level of data integrity and better reconciliation across areas of your organization.

Our AMS has improved operations for many different associations. We’ve worked with a variety of clients to help them integrate their systems, more effectively manage data and create simpler processes for their users.

From the National Society of Professional Engineers to the National Association of College and University Business Officers, we’ve delivered solutions that optimized our clients’ processes in many different ways. AMS can help develop a more user-friendly experience for organization administrators and members — its diverse applications for simplifying many different procedures offer various advantages.

One case study of how our solutions can optimize association efficiency is our work with the American Intellectual Property Law Association (AIPLA). The organization needed a way to simplify earning mandatory CLE credits, and they chose to implement our Freestone LMS option. With the tools our LMS provided, they were able to implement the system easily and build in features such as single sign-on through AMS/LMS integration.