NetForum® Enterprise 

Association Management Software for Large Organizations

Save time, drive revenue & increase member retention with NetForum’s association management system (AMS), configurable to your unique needs.

Member Management

Grow revenue and retain members for life with NetForum’s robust association member management software.

Fundraising Management

Work smarter, cultivate donor relationships, and increase profitability with NetForum’s fundraising and donor management software.


Credentialing Management

Work smarter, cultivate donor relationships, and increase profitability with NetForum’s fundraising and donor management software.

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Optimize every stage of the member journey with NetForum

Membership management

Credentialing engine


Fundraising management


Process automation



Member engagement scoring


Chapters and committees


“NetForum is more than an AMS, it’s a powerful member management software with the most robust fundraising and credentialing features in the AMS market. Over our 2+ decades of experience, we’ve identified donor management and credentialing to be major needs and revenue drivers for our association and nonprofit clientele. We’ve invested in these features to bring you a dynamic AMS suite designed with time efficiency, revenue growth, member engagement, and staff efficiencies in mind. 

Being part of the Association Technology suite of products and having plug-n-play integration with other Community Brands offering like YM Careers, YM Learning Management Systems, the customers really can drive non-dues revenue and grow members”

Krishna Raman, NetForum General Manager 

NetForum helps mid to large associations & nonprofits:


Retire disparate systems


Work smarter not harder


House all of your data in one place


Free up your staff to focus on revenue goals.


Easy-to-adopt visual workflows for simple automation


Better understand member preferences and deliver more personalized offers via automation.


Engage and retain members


Grow revenue


Proprietary A-Score® technology to enhance retention and personalize offerings.


Deliver a modern shopping and e-Commerce experience to members


Gain instant access our robust portfolio of AMS integrations that help drive non-dues revenue

What association leaders are saying

The possibilities are endless. It’s a huge advantage for us to be able to use the data we have and make decisions, but also go further with it and advance our mission. This implementation was a big achievement, and we could not have done it without netFORUM.

Karine Blaufuss

CAE, Director, Business Intelligence and Data, American Geophysical Union

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